Hello World!

Welcome! I am thrilled you found your way here. I am on a mission to help people feel amazing in their skin – in the most efficient, effective, evidence-based, cost-effective way possible. In this complicated, information-filled world we live in, my skincare philosophy is about being targeted and simple. I have the credentials, the experience, and the expertise to get you where you want to be with your skin – and to therefore help you live your most fulfilling life. Let’s get your skin and your skincare sorted so you can focus your time (and money) on the other important things in your life.

And I want to take this moment to also stress one very important thing: I am a Consultant Dermatologist. That means I am a doctor that has done at least 4 years of specialty training just in dermatology. I have done more exams and assessments than I can count to be allowed to have the title ‘Consultant Dermatologist.’ Why am I telling you this? Because there a lot of doctors out there who call themselves ‘dermatology doctors’ or ‘cosmetic doctors’ and you might think they are also fully trained, certified consultant dermatologists but they are not. Anyone can call themselves a dermatologist, but it is actually illegal for anyone who is not on the GMC specialist register to call themselves a Consultant Dermatologist. There are not that many of us in the UK – less than 800 – so we can be hard to find but do take the effort to track down someone who has the right training and expertise to really help you with your skin. Dermatology and skin are actually very complicated subjects and take years of focused training to understand. So if you want the best treatment seek out someone with the best training – if you are reading this, lucky you – you found me!!! So you can stop searching! Not only am I a Consultant Dermatologist but I am also a fellowship-trained Mohs Micrographic and Dermatological Surgeon – I have done an extra year of training just in skin cancer and skin cancer removal from the face – more about that in another blog post.

So let’s take a moment for me to tell you about what I do: my skincare philosophy is all about simplicity. You don’t need a million different products in your bathroom to make your skin beautiful.

Not so long ago it was firmly believed that for a face to be considered ‘beautiful’ it had to meet fixed criteria – as defined by the concept of the ‘golden ratios’ which specified the dimensions of the face and the distance between features such as the eyes and the nose. But modern beauty is not defined by such strict criteria: beauty comes in different forms and sizes. Modern skincare and cosmetic procedures no longer aim to ‘transform’ patient’s faces into idealised concepts of beauty (the Kim Kardashian face, for example) but rather to help people become fresher, more radiant and glowing versions of themselves.  

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Modern Skincare + Procedural Dermatology – made simple, effective and affordable. Because everyone should have beautiful, glowing skin.