Meet Dr. Natalia Spierings

Meet Dr.

Natalia Spierings

Consultant Dermatologist, Mohs Micrographic + Dermatological Surgeon, Educator, and Medical Director at Dermatica


where’s that accent from, doc?

This is the question I get most often from my patients. So here’s the story behind my Yankee twang: I was born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, moved to Boston, USA, when I was 5, moved back to Rotterdam when I was 18 and moved to London to go to medical school when I was 21. And I’ve lived in England ever since – most of my life! (even though I’m not a day past 29….)

So, though I might sound like it, I am not actually American. Sorry to disappoint ;)

NMK Skin | Consultant Dermatologist

My medical training is

much more straightforward:

St. George’s, University of London, is where I embarked on my medical career. I stayed in the Southwest London area for all of my junior doctor and dermatology registrar training.

I decided to venture to Newcastle in the Great North for fellowship training in Mohs Micrographic and Dermatological Surgery, at the renowned Royal Victoria Infirmary, after I became a GMC-registered consultant dermatologist in 2016.

And finally I was thrilled to move ‘down south’ to Leeds to join an incredible team at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust as a substantive consultant specialising in Mohs surgery, complex dermatological surgery and skin cancer.

I have a no-nonsense approach to dermatology and skincare.

It is such a huge subject and there is so much confusion out there: as a skin expert it is my responsibility to make sure that each of my patients leaves my office with the most effective, science-based treatments to help them achieve beautiful skin and face their world with confidence, every day.




St. George’s, University of London

St. George’s, University of London
Entered the Dermatology Specialist Register in August 2016


Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle


I want to be able to reach people who can’t come to my office or, in fact, don’t really need to.
I want to educate and inspire.
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