Skincare for Modern People

When it comes to skincare, my motto is always ‘keep it simple & effective.’ There is no point using 15 different products with various dubious claims when there are only a handful of products out there that truly do what they are meant to do. Skincare should not be complicated; you most likely have lots of other stuff going on in your life that requires a lot more of your attention than a multi-step skincare routine! So here are my simple and effective skincare steps so you can get your skin looking fabulous every day and go out and live your life:


This is only important if you wear makeup or work in an actually dirty environment. The point of cleansing is to remove makeup and dirt but NOT to dry out your skin or strip it of its natural oils; you need those oils to maintain your skin barrier function. If you don’t wear makeup than cleansing is not actually that important! To remove makeup, I am a huge fan of oil cleansers that you apply to dry skin and then add water. These are great at removing makeup gently and effectively, especially eye makeup. Stay away from grainy or rough cleansers and exfoliators as these irritate your skin and can lead to redness and irritation.


Putting a protective barrier on your face via a moisturiser will prevent water loss from the deeper layers of your skin (the dermis) and smooth out any flakes, plus it makes your skin feel soft and supple. In humid temperatures you might not need a moisturiser during the day but it is always a good idea at night to maintain your skin’s barrier function. There is some evidence that using certain moisturisers actually help build and restore the epidermal barrier, leading to less inflammation and fine lines and wrinkles over time. The choice of moisturiser depends on your budget and your personal preference. During the humid summer months, I only use a lightweight moisturising gel like Mineral 89 from Vichy and at night I am currently using Cerave hydrating lotion. In the winter, I switch to something a little heavier, like Cerave moisturising cream at night and the hydrating lotion during the day.


You have a lot of options with sunscreen! My foundation has a spf in it and I also use a mineral powder with a mineral sunscreen all over my face every day. But I work mostly indoors and am very rarely outside, even in the summer! If you are outside a lot during the day, then definitely use a separate sunscreen from your makeup to ensure proper coverage. If it’s hot and humid outside, using a lightly moisturising sunscreen with a tint to it means you can bypass both moisturiser and foundation and just use your sunscreen. I love Anthelios tinted SPF 50 from La Roche Posay – it is my go-to during the weekends if I am out and about, shopping or just spending some time outside. If I need or want a little extra coverage and to reduce shine, I follow it with a light dusting of mineral powder.


Night time is the right time to use your prescription skin products. If you are into your skincare, you will almost definitely be using a topical retinoid. Apply this to thoroughly dry skin after cleansing and before moisturiser.


And that’s it! Simple, effective skincare in just a few steps.

I know you are thinking: ‘what about everything else? What about the serums and toners and acids and masks and all the other lotions and potions that are in my bathroom?’ My answer, in two words? Totally Unnecessary. Keep it simple and effective and unclutter your bathroom and your life from redundant, pointless skincare regimes.

Until Next Time,

Dr. Natalia Spierings