Best Makeup To Cover Acne

You need to give your prescription acne treatments time to work but that doesn’t mean you can’t use makeup to effectively hide what’s still there while the magic is happening. There are a couple of products I swear by when it comes to concealing spots and, when used together, can conceal even the most ferocious breakout:

1. Start with a mattifying light facial moisturiser

Something with a silicone like dimethicone in it to smooth any flakes and provide moisture at the same time. You can also opt for a primer like Smashbox photofinish or Laura Mercier foundation primer to smooth your skin and give your makeup some staying power.

2. Apply an all-over full coverage foundation

This will cover everything up, give you a nice, even canvas for the rest of your makeup and help you judge if you need any more in certain places. If you want a liquid foundation, MAC full coverage foundation or Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation work well for this purpose. Alternatively, a mineral powder without shimmer is great too - I like Laura Mercier mineral powder because it sits on the surface of the skin, reduces shine, and covers redness effectively. For serious coverage, you can combine a liquid or cream foundation with a mineral powder. I am not a fan of using concealer to cover individual spots – the colour is just never quite right and always looks obvious. Save the concealer for under-eye circles if you have them! Evening out your skin with a full coverage foundation plus a mineral powder should do the trick

3. Reduce shine

To reduce shine from both oiliness and skincare products keep a transparent or translucent finishing powder with you and tap it on throughout the day with either a sponge or a large fluffy brush.

4. Consider a strong sunscreen

Instead of a primer or moisturiser for a base, consider a strong sunscreen in a lightweight, tinted formulation that glides on and gives you the best of 3 worlds - excellent sun protection, light moisturisation and light coverage. This is a great option in the Spring and Summer if you are going to be outside. Go over this with your mineral powder for excellent coverage and shine reduction that feels light on the skin. I love La Roche posay Anthelios tinted spf 50 sunscreen.

5. Try a matte contouring powder

Using matte contouring powder will allow you to sculpt your face and cover spots at the same time. Giving your face contour and definition also deflects attention from problem areas. But don’t forget to avoid shimmer because the last thing you want is to highlight any spots! And opt for powders over cream-based contour pens because they always have added oils which will feel heavy and shiny on your skin, especially in warmer months. And don’t forget to blend!

6. The power of distraction

And, finally, never forget the power of distraction: a bright matte lip or sultry smokey eye are both on trend and draw attention away from any spots you are trying to hide. So be daring and try something new on your lips or eyes while your skin is clearing up.

Until Next Time,

Dr. Natalia Spierings

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