How To Grow Your Eyelashes

I have yet to meet a woman who does not covet beautiful, long, thick eyelashes. They frame the eyes, making them look wider and brighter. The entire mascara industry is based on the idea that long, fabulous eyelashes are within everyone’s reach.

But before you go out to buy another tube of mascara or invest in lash extensions, there is one product on the market that really does the trick. It’s called bimatoprost and it’s an eye drop treatment used for glaucoma.

I know what you are thinking – is this for real? Yes, yes it is. Glaucoma is a serious medical condition that affects older people where ther is increased pressure in the eye. Doctors noticed a while ago that patients treated with bimatoprost eye drops which lowers the pressue in the eye, also developed long eyelashes. Allergan, the company that makes Botox, picked up on this and found that if you apply bimatoprost like eyeliner to the upper lashline only, it will have the same effect. And they have now started selling this product as a prescprition only medicine under the brand name Latisse.

Does it work? Absolutely! I have been using it for years to grow my short little eyelashes into the long wispy lashes they are now. Mind you, it doesn’t make your lashes thicker, just longer. It does this by stopping the hair cycle right before the hair is meant to shed, so it continues to grow beyond what it should do. Eventually you do shed the hair but not before it gets noticeably longer.

There are side effects though. It can change your eye pressure, so it’s best to get this checked before starting treatment and every 6 months during the treatment. There is also a very small risk that it can darken light blue or green eyes and also cause darkening of the skin around the eyelashes.

But if you are looking to actually grow your eyelashes, Bimatoprost is clinically proven to do just that.

Until Next Time,

Dr. Natalia Spierings

SkincareSammi Scotto