A Guide to Anti-Ageing for the Modern Man

Anti-ageing for men is all about one thing: subtlety. For men to look younger, the keys are smooth, even-toned but not necessarily wrinkle-free skin, as the natural facial lines in men are an integral part of what makes a man’s face ‘manly’, for lack of a better word. 

1. Protect yourself from the sun

Sunscreen is the obvious answer here, but don’t forget about a wide brimmed hat, especially if you are sometimes a bit lax with your sunscreen application and your scalp isn’t completely covered by hair any more. This isn’t just about keeping your skin looking youthful, though: skin cancers in men occur most commonly on the ears and scalp in men. And if you are going to use sunscreen and you know there is no way you will be reapplying every 2 to 3 hours, opt for a mineral based sunscreen which offers protection for 12 hours because it doesn’t degrade in the sun like chemical sunscreens do.

2. Moisturising isn’t just for women.

Maintaining good levels of moisture in your skin will go a very long way to keeping your skin smooth and reducing the appearance of fine lines. Any moisturiser will do the trick - you don’t need to use a special one ‘formulated for men’! But do aim to apply it morning and night - especially after shaving when you have basically exfoliated the dead skin away in the process; this is the best time for your skin to absorb the moisturiser and protect your skin barrier.

3. Try a prescription ‘cosmeceutical’

If you have gotten into the routine of daily moisturising, it might be time to up the ante a bit and start using a proper anti-aging prescription product to combat the signs of ageing. The obvious choice here is a topical retinoid, which has a myriad of benefits and takes a long time to work so will slowly and subtly give you a more youthful appearance. Start with a 0.025% retinoid twice a week and build it up gradually over weeks until you can apply it nightly without any redness or skin peeling the day after. You can apply your moisturiser before the retinoid to help decrease any signs of irritation when you are just starting out with it. 

4. Consider a little bit of botox

more and more men today are opting for a light touch of botox or filler to soften the lines between their eyebrows or their foreheads. Choose a reputable dermatologist or plastic surgeon to do it for you, someone who understands that you are after a ‘refreshed’ - not a ‘frozen’ - look. A little bit can go a long way in making you look and feel a few years younger.

5. Wax your eyebrows.

So this might seem a bit of an odd one in a list of anti-ageing tricks, but it is definitely worth considering: having neat, trimmed eyebrows can open up your eye area to give it a more youthful, refreshed appearance, as well as giving your whole face more structure. Try it before you outright dismiss it. And it’s not that painful, promise. 

Until Next Time,

Dr. Natalia Spierings